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Due to the nature of this industry, our clients often get caught out with short notice orders. We understand this and we will do our utmost to provide a catering solution. With this in mind we have created the industry’s most flexible ordering and cancellation policy.

Cold Food:

4 hours: If cold food orders are cancelled within four hours of delivery, as long as the items have not been specially ordered or prepared, no cost will be applied. This applies for all cold food items, beverages and goods that are in stock. Inside four hours of delivery, a charge will be made.

Hot Food:

12 hours’ notice: Any orders that require cooking and preparation will have a cancellation time of 12 hours. This gives us adequate time to prepare the food, and ensure compliance with food handling and safety regulations.

Rush Orders:

Anything under 4 hours will be considered a rush order and cannot be cancelled without charge.

Special Orders:

Where an item requires us to shop specifically and make a special delivery, we will require at least 12-hours’ notice. Any cancellation within this time will be billed.

24-hour Order

Email Service for Wichita-KANSAS
We're pleased to extend our 24-hour service to receiving orders by email. Please send your orders via on-line ordering, e-mail or fax us 1-888-577-2221



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