- Regional Lunch - Beef- Beef Brisket** Smoked sliced

- BBQ Beef Brisket sandwich with coleslaw and baked beans **

Pork- BBQ Pulled pork BBQ

Pulled pork and sliced ham on wheat baguette with sautéed mushroom slaw and fresh fruit**

- Regional Lunch - Fish- Teriyaki Swai fish**

Pan seared Teriyaki Swai on organic Asian mix greens, mandarins with Asian Vinaigrette and garlic mashed potatoes **

- Regional Lunch - Vegetarian- Mediterranean Platter**

Vegetarian- Mediterranean Platter - Hummus, pita, tabouli, couscous, olives, roasted red peppers and feta cheese with berries

- Regional Lunch – Low Carb / Low Fat- Stuffed Baked Chicken**

Stuffed Baked Chicken Breast with vegetable and light cheese served with grilled mix vegetables

- Regional Dinner - Beef- Smoked Pot Roast Dinner

Smoked pot roast beef with sautéed mixed beans and oven baked potatoes**

- Regional Dinner - Chicken Smoked pulled Chicken Dinner**

Smoked pulled Chicken breast with sautéed mix vegetables and rosemary garlic new potatoes**

- Regional Dinner - Pork- Smoked pork lion Dinner

Boneless pork chop with sautéed turnips with vegetables and oven baked beans**

- Regional Dinner - Fish- Blackened baked COD fish Dinner**

Lightly blackened baked Cod fish with wild rice pilaf and mix vegetables and dessert

- Regional Dinner - Vegetarian- Dinner

Thai stir fry with Tofu, seasonal fresh asian vegetables wok sautéed with garlic chili sauce**

- Regional Dinner-American / Comfort Food-

Pot pie Dinner American regional dinner chicken pot pie